Abuse Prevention National Conference

Nashville, TN • June 17, 2021

Redemption and Prevention: A biblical response can’t have one without the other. They both demonstrate the heart of God in his care for his people. Join us in Nashville for our inaugural national conference as we seek to champion the protection of persons created in God’s image, proclaim the message of redemption, and equip ministry leaders.

We dwell in a broken world. Every human heart since has “sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). But through God’s willing sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus, our debts have been fully paid and we have new life through His death & resurrection. This beautiful story of redemption and salvation has been told for over two thousand years, and it continues to go forward as God’s people carry out the Great Commission until He returns. 

As we live in expectation, Christians come together through churches, schools, and other ministries as we strive to shine the light of the Gospel into a broken world. Yet sadly this brokenness can find its way into Christian fellowship, too. The heartbreaking truth is that the most vulnerable people within our congregations and ministries– the elderly, widows, orphans, special needs, or children of all ages–are often the most endangered. Despite the fact that the church is called to give special care to the vulnerable, stories of abuse experienced within the walls of the church abound. 

These allegations represent both a deeply traumatic experience for the victim, and also tangible damage that has been done to the witness of the Gospel. We are calling on ministry leaders from around the country to stand up for the most vulnerable people in their care and ensure that these spaces are safe from abusers and predators. Join the Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention in Nashville for the inaugural conference on abuse prevention. We cannot seek to advance the Gospel without also protecting the vulnerable created in the image of God.



June 17, 2021

*times indicated are Central Standard Time


9:30am    |  Main Session 1

10:30am  |  Main Session 2

11:45am  |  Lunch (provided)

1:30pm    |  Breakout sessions

3:00pm    |  Breakout sessions

4:30pm    |  Main Session 3

5:45pm    |  Dinner (provided)

7:00pm    |  Main Session 4



Virtual Event – Online Broadcast |  $35
Individual  |  $104
Individual (no meals) | $89
Student | $84
Student (no meals) | $69
Group (5+)  |  $94

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Covid-19 Notice

The ECAP National Conference is offering a livestream registration type for those unable to join us in person in Nashville. Not only will this broadcast allow us to serve and reach more people will this important content, it will also provide a contingency plan if the live event is forced to cancel due to Covid-19. In the event of an event cancelation, all registrations will be converted to the live stream registration type and the balance refunded to each individual or group. The determination of live event cancelation will made together with our partners at Nashville First Baptist Church.

Nashville First Baptist Church continues to provide safe environments to their church congregation and will do the same for the ECAP National Conference. This includes: the required wearing of face masks indoors (unless actively eating or drinking) as a matter of consideration for others, hand sanitation stations, regular cleaning and sanitation of facilities, and safety measures taken for all food and beverage service. While circumstances may change these protocols and response, our intention is to communicate clearly with our registered guests and inform them in advance of any changes as the conference draws closer. Regulations and notices for visitors will also be communicated and monitored at each main entrance of the facilities. We will honor any and all cancelation requests in full up to two weeks in advance (less the processing charge incurred by EventBrite). Please contact us with questions you may have and know that together, we are working to make this conference both meaningful and safe for the protection of your ministry children and your personal development.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about the conference and your registration. Thank you